We need your books!

We need your books!

Through the GET FREE BOOKS initiative, GET is striving to positively affect the child and adult literacy rates in the UK by making books free for all.

GET is opening FREE book shops around the country. Our goal is to provide a FREE book shop in every city in the UK. Via these outlets GET is making books available to anyone who needs or wants them, completely free of charge.

If this initiative is to continue to work, we need people like you to help us find unwanted books to redistribute across the community.

Please look in your garage and loft, organise Book Drives, help spread the word at your place of work and change lives forever.

Drive a "Book Drive"

Organise a book drive at a public event.

These Leeds University students did and the response was incredible

Organise "Bring a book to work" day


Join people like our good friends at the Trader Media Group and the Legal Ombudsman and organise "Bring a book to work" days.

People love to help. There is also a good chance they will have unwanted books taking up space at home.

Organise a company wide initiative and encourage your colleagues to bring their unwanted books to work

Clear your garage and empty your loft

Please let us have your unwanted books - they can help change lives

Read more: Clear your garage and empty your loft

Contact Your Local Library


Libraries regularly clear their shelves of unwanted stock and regularly give these unwanted books to worthy causes.

Your local library may be willing to donate their surplus books to GET. We can recirculate these unwanted books into the community, completely free of charge.

Please enquire at your local library and donate any books at your local GET book depository.